Onze workshops zijn een mooie aanvulling op je beoefening en herladen het lichaam en geest met nieuwe energie. Wordt geïnspireerd, verrijkt en voel je weer helemaal in balans!

Calming the mind - Meditation Workshop

Met Janine Brall
12 December

This workshop will teach you simple, effective meditation practices to calm your mind. The explanation of the Yoga philosophy will help you do to understand how the mind works and to find the motivation to practice.

€ 45.00

Sunday Satsang

Met diverse docenten
13 December

It's time for Satsang! A festive afternoon with meditation, mantras singing and light ritual, to connect with yourself and other yogi's. 

Everybody is welcome! 

€ 0.00

Info evening Yoga Teacher Training 500hr

Met Janine Brall
13 December

In January 2021 we will start with a new 2-year Yoga teacher training!

If you like to get an introduction first you can do so by attending one of our information evenings. During this evening you can meet the (main)teacher(s), students of the training and future students. Get all the information you need to know and use this opportunity to ask questions.

We are looking forward to meet you!

€ 0.00

8 week Yoga Beginners Course

Met Michael Engelaan
8 Januari t/m 26 Februari

We happily introduce you to the yogic path of well-being during this profound 8-week Introduction course. The course will give you a strong foundation to start your yoga practice, including basic understanding of Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and the essence of Yoga philosophy. All you need will be provided.

€ 145.00

8 week Pregnancy Yoga Course

Met Janine Brall
8 Januari t/m 26 Februari

Learn in 8 weeks how to make deeper contact with the baby, how to relax fully and how to recharge with new energy. Yoga during the pregnancy helps you to stay in shape, to improve your balance and to experience relief from discomforts. 

€ 160.00

40 hour Advanced Chakra Training - Will take place 2021!

Met Acharya Yogesh
10 Juni t/m 14 Juni

With this 4 day in-depth Chakra Training you will get all the theoretical knowledge and tools for Chakra cleaning and balancing. This wonderful course is an intensive journey of transformation and awakening through exploration and activation of Chakras and it will help you to require understanding, experience and influence your energetic make-up better. 

€ 550.00