Docent: Harilalji Karanath
Datum: 19 Augustus
Tijd: 19.00 - 20.00

During this online information session, Harilal & Meera Karanath will tell a lot about the Yoga Therapy Training which will start in October 2022.
They will share their experience and knowledge with you. You will experience their personalities and way of teaching.
You are also very welcome to ask your questions. After the session you will be already inspired to live healthier and happier.

The Yoga Therapy Training is a training for certified Yoga Teachers. As a Yoga Therapist, you will be able to guide and help others competently. The training also invites you to improve your own health and lifestyle aswell.
Find all information here: https://yoga-vidya.nl/yoga-therapy-training/

There will be 2 online information sessions:

  • Sunday 10 April 10.30-11.30
  • Friday 19 August 19.00-20.00

By signing up via the button below you sign up for 19 August.