Docent: María Alejandra Valero
Datum: 18 Juni t/m 24 Juni
Tijd: 13.30 - 20.30
Prijs: € 185

Vitality and balance for women! Regulate your hormones naturally!

In this course you will learn a specific yoga practice to naturally rebalance the hormones’ levels. The Hormone Yoga Therapy, created by Dinah Rodriguez's, is a proven system to regulate imbalances in the hormonal system such as menopausal symptoms, thyroid problems, menstrual disorders, PMS or an unfulfilled desire to have children.

Hormon Yoga is for...

  • ... women from the age of 35 for prevention and later for relief of the common symptoms of menopause. There is no upper age limit.
  • ... women under 35 who have had a premature menopause due to, for example, prolonged psychological stress or intense physical activity.
  • ... women who do not want to undergo conventional drug-based hormone replacement therapy due to the known side effects or who would like to support this with hormone yoga.
  • ... younger women who want to have children or who have hormonal problems such as ovarian cysts or severe menstrual cramps.
  • ... women with thyroid disorders, sleep disorders or mild depression.

The method:

Hormone Yoga contains a combination of various yoga and Buddhist-Tibetan techniques from different traditions. The exercises are designed to primarily target the glandular system (ovaries, thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands).The asanas (body postures) are often performed dynamically and combined with special pranayamas (breathing techniques) and bandhas (closures) from Kundalini and Hatha yoga as well as Tibetan energy management. This very special, very effective and targeted combination distinguishes Hormone Yoga from other yoga styles. It also includes effective anti-stress and relaxation exercises to harmonize body and mind. 


Hormone Yoga is a therapeutic practice and it might raise your Strogen or other hormones’ levels. If you suffer from any condition of the endocrine system, please consult your doctor if the raised of hormone levels are contraindicated for you.

This course is not suitable during pregnancy, during or after an estrogen-positive breast cancer disease or any kind of cancer in your reproductive system, severe endometriosis or large fibroids. In acute or severe cardiovascular diseases and after heart operations. In the case of other hormonal diseases, please contact us beforehand and / or seek medical advice. 

You shouldn’t practice during menstruation.

Data & times:

The course consists of 2 workshops in one weekend, 5 days of self-practice and a final workshop.

Weekend workshops:
- Saturday 18 June 13.30 - 16.30
- Sunday 19 June 13.30 - 16.30

Daily Self practice:
- Monday till Thursday 20-23 June

Final workshop:
- Friday 24 June 18.30 - 20.30

Your Teacher:

María Alejandra Valero (Madhavi) is a passionate Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She is specialized in womens health and is a perfect example of a radiant, shining women in her 50's. She studied Hormon Yoga with Shakti Simone Lehner and womens Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore. She is looking forward to inspiring you to find your full potential. Madhavi also teaches private and small group classes to Spanish speaking ladies. Find more info on her website: www.madhaviyoga.com