Docent: Janine (RamaShakti) Brall
Datum: 19 December
Tijd: 17.00 - 18.30

Our unique Teacher Training Course (TTC) gives you the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, achieve big personal changes and to become a knowledgeable & certified Yoga teacher. Learn the true essence of the ancient Indian wisdom. Get complete knowledge of asanas (yoga postures), anatomy, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, kriyas (cleansing exercises), mantras, yogic diet, ayurveda and learn to teach yoga classes to different kind of students. All these topics will improve your own life and can be used as tools to become more aware and better connected with your true Self. From here you have the perfect foundation to pass on this knowledge to others!

During this information evening you will meet the main teacher. You will get all the information about the course, you will feel the atmosphere and meet potential other training attendees. You will also get the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Besides all of above, it is already a big inspiration to join this evening. We are looking forward to meeting you!