Docent: Pauline (Padmini) Schreurs
Datum: 3 Oktober
Tijd: 13.00 - 15.00
Prijs: € 35.00

You are welcome to experience this wonderful long Yoga session with Body and Breathwork. In this workshop Taoist energetic movement, (dynamic) meditations, breathwork and Flow yoga will create an amazing and powerful practice that is healing and empowering.


First you will have the opportunity to explore & experience your body as energy, using movements and yoga asanas to create harmony and clarity for both, body and mind. By simply moving mindfully, breathing fully and listening to that what arises, you will be able to connect to the earth and heaven, to make space for a new and refreshed spirit.


Then body and mind are prepared for breathwork, which implies Conscious Connected Breathing. This is a breathing technique in which the breather intentionally connects the inhale with the exhale without any pauses. You will be invited to an inner journey and you will experience the powerful influence that breathwork has on your conscious & unconscious state of being. Breathing together creates a powerful and connected experience, it supports a deep opening up, letting go and feeling of oneness.

Note: breathwork is healing and deep work. If you experience anxiety, epilepsy attacks, or if you are pregnant, this session is unfortunately not suitable for you. If you have any concerns or curious questions about participating, feel free to contact us by Email.

Your teacher:

Pauline (Padmini) Scheurs is an experienced Yoga teacher, integral massagist & breath coach. She loves to create sacred spaces in which deep healing can happen. She likes to inspire her students by combining different practices in a playful way.