Docent: Angélique Boset
Datum: 6 Maart
Tijd: 13.30 - 16.30
Prijs: € 38.00

*During lockdown, all workshops take place online.

Spring is here! The nature awakens her green flowering beauty. In the same way, we have to awaken and stimulated our body and brain too.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine following nature and living according to the seasons is one of the most important things to stay healthy and age gracefully. In this workshop we will dive into the Wood element which is connected to the Spring. The season of growth and creativity that governs the liver and gallbladder.

We will practice a Qi Gong flow for the Wood element, learn more about the food we should eat in this season to detox the body in a proper way and find out more about the acupressure points we can compress and use in our Yin yoga poses. All to balance the Qi flow in the body by following the meridian channels of the liver and the gallbladder. We will finish this workshop with a meditation focused on the dreams you want to let grow the upcoming season.

The season of growth and creativity that governs the liver and gallbladder. Come out and play and dance your dance. The time of creation and development has come!

-Increased energy
-Increased blood and lymphatic
-Improved physical function.
-Detox from the inside out
-Increased motivation

This workshop will be given by Angélique Boset. Angélique is a 500 ®RYT yogateacher who followed trainings from Sarah Powers, Jo Phee, Beta Lisboa, Esther Scheen and others. She teaches Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa en MFR Yin yoga. She’s a yoga teacher trainer, but never stops studying herself and loves to sharethe knowledge with all her students.