Docent: Angélique Boset
Datum: 30 Mei
Tijd: 13.30 - 16.30
Prijs: € 35.00

Ever felt uncomfortable in a pose? Then this workshop might appeal to you. Find out that the ASANA is there FOR  YOU, YOU are not there for the asana. Since EVERY body is different, each asana will LOOK different on everybody and also FEEL different for every body.  

In this workshop you learn to find the right asana for YOUR body and experience how the asana can work for you! In Yoga most of the asanas come from tribes or families. Paul Grilley calls them the seven archetypes; the first 5 apply to yin yoga poses: Shoelace, Saddle, Caterpillar, Dragonfly, Twist. Almost all yinposes are variations of these archetypes. The other 2 are more Yang asanas: Dog and Dragon.
Maybe you already know these archetypes and their benefits; in this workshop you learn how to adjust them to serve your body the best they can. Learn how to adjust the asana to your body and  experience the effects: feel how the asana is there for you and not the other way around. 
Your yoga practice will never be the same! 
*We offer this workshop in multiple options. You can choose to join the workshop Live (at the Yoga centre) as well as purely online. These options guarantee the maximum freedom and safety. If you want to join this workshop Online, please send a email to contact@yoga-vidya.nl