Docent: Michael Engelaan
Datum: 5 Maart t/m 30 April
Tijd: 18.30 - 20.00
Prijs: € 145.00

Yoga means unity, harmony and connecting

Have you ever asked yourself, how to start yoga as a beginner?

We happily introduce you to the yogic path of well-being during this profound 8-week Introduction course.
All you need will be provided.

The course will give you a strong foundation to start your yoga practice. This course will give you a basic understanding of Asana (physical practice), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and the essence of Yoga philosophy.

Content of the course are:

  • Basic techniques Asana's (basic postures) 
  • Proper breathing & special breathing techniques 
  • Deep relaxtion
  • Basis techniques of meditation
  • Diet tips

Each class will start with a short introduction or discussion on yoga philosophy and the impact of Yoga on your daily life. Then the practice of yoga postures with personal guidance follows. Simple but efficient pranayama and meditation techniques will be practiced each week as well. Every class ends with a deep relaxation and short reflection on what has been learned. 


Everyone with or withouth experience in yoga is more than welcome in this Introduction course! THe course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as students that want to re-start after a break from Yoga.

We designed a wonderful & effective course of 8 consecutive weekly classes. Together with a small group of absolute newcomers, you will start right from the beginning. One of our experienced teachers will guide you safely, step by step, through the basics. With lots of personal attention and room for questions and answers, you will not only get to know yoga, but also your own body and mind.

Class time

Every Friday 18.30 - 20.00 Start 5 March.


The course will be given in English.