Docent: Angélique Boset
Datum: 3 Oktober
Tijd: 13.00 - 15.30
Prijs: € 35.00

In this 2,5 hour workshop physical and energetic blockages are removed by using tennis balls and yin postures rolling and flowing along the Golden Rivers of Qi. After giving massage and pressure to the tissues of the body you will be freed of all stiffness and will feel completely refreshed. The class will end with a Meridian Nidra Practice.

MYO FASCIA RELEASE (MYO= Muscle | FASCIA= Connective Tissue) is a practice to work on the fascia or connective tissue by giving massage and pressure to the tissues of the body. By using balls and rolling techniques to remove tension, the Qi flow of the 12 meridian channels in the body is restored. These meridians (Jing-luo) are, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, channels through which the life-energy (QI) flows. They connect the Zang-fu organs and regulate the flow of the fundamental substances throughout the body.

The class 

BENEFITS of this practice are:                             
- Increased hydration of tissues.                        
- Reduction of pain and stiffness.
- Improved neuromuscular coordination.                                           
- Increased blood and lymphatic circulation.                                               
- Improved physical function.
- Improved postural stability.                                             
- Releases adhesions.                             
- Increased energy.   

For whom?

Students of all levels, wanting to improve their health and well-being are welcome!

Your teacher: 

This workshop will be given by Angélique Boset. Angélique is a 500 ®RYT yogateacher who followed trainings from Sarah Powers, Jo Phee, Beta Lisboa, Esther Scheen and others. She teaches Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa en MFR Yin yoga with loving kindness. She’s a yoga teacher trainer, but never stops studying herself and loves to share the knowledge with all her students.