Docent: Isobel Schreuder
Datum: 6 Augustus t/m 27 Augustus
Tijd: 19.00 - 20.00
Prijs: € 55.00
Can you imagine, Yoga on a cozy beach in the middle of the city? Join this special event on this dreamy location with yoga that balances your Sun & Moon energies.
During this Yoga Summer Camp you will learn to activate and balance your two main energies, Ida (Moon, feminine, calming and inituitve) and Pingala (sun, masculine, active, and rational). Each energy has it's own dynamic powerful movement, flow and sensation. We will guide you step by step into Sun Salutations, Moon Salutations, challenging yoga postures as well as breathing & relaxation techniques. The unique combination of dynamic movements and meditative postures will give you you a new sensual dimension in your practice. 
Follow the rhythm of Moon & Sun and experience the benefits of Yoga on an urban and adventurous location. Join this Yoga Summer Camp for a sparkle & holiday feeling in your body!
Whether you are an expeperienced Yogi, or a complete beginner, you are welcome! 
4 classes on Thursday evening
06 | 13| 20 | 27 August
19.00 - 20.00 
Investment: €55
Weelde Rotterdam
Marconistraat 39
Your teacher Isobel Schreuder  is a jong & passionate Yoga Teacher. She teaches challenging classes in a clam and respetful way. She invites you to expand your limits in a gentle way.
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WEELDE - An urban city farm amongst the ports of Rotterdam-West - is the destination for those in search of a creative free state. Weelde is a place where anything is possible. Experience this wonderful place by having a nice dinner, drinking a fresh lemonade or just enjoying the (the longest) sunset of Rotterdam after your Yoga class. 
See you on the beach!