Docent: Irena Bartolec
Datum: 29 Juni t/m 30 Juni
Tijd: 13.00 - 17.00
Prijs: € 120.00

Being a woman is a spiritual experience. It is a journey full of opportunities to practice compassion, unconditional love and authenticity. In this modern day and age one of the most important part for us women is to find the connection between the core of female bodies and our energy flows.

As a women we are shifting through many different cycles during our life time. To find balance within our cycle, to accommodate each phase of our monthly cycles is crucial for our health.It is easy to get lost and forget about yourself and your needs while facing daily challenges and tasks. Overwhelming routine can affect women’s wellbeing. By getting familiar with our cycles and energy shifts we can heal our feminine roots. Healing literally means “to make whole” and this wholeness is unique for each of us. There is no fixed agenda, no stereotype of femininity except authenticity and joy for our bodies and minds.

Take the time to find your true self, by letting go of what is not serving you and practicing mindfulness in this yoga workshop for women.

In this Ashtanga Yoga for Woman workshop you will learn two yoga sequences; an energising yoga sequence based on traditional Ashtanga system and a calming relaxing asana sequence. We will practice pranayama and meditation techniques that will help you to stay focused and in touch with yourself. During the theory session we will cover the topic "How to take care of yourself daily and how to listen to our bodies” giving you tips and advices about food, daily practice routine, stress management and much more.

Ashtanga Yoga for women Workshop is divided in two sessions (each session is 4 hours long):

SATURDAY 13.00 - 17.00

Ashtanga Women - exploring and practicing traditional Ashtanga yoga sequence,
pranayama technics with uplifting effect, meditation. Getting familiar with our
expanding and active energies

SUNDAY 13.00 - 17.00

Zen Women - focusing on restorative and yin practice, calming breathing exercise,
meditation. Exploring our quiet and more introspective life phase.

Join this little oasis designed specifically for women, far away from daily chores, aimed to
rejuvenate and relax and gain skills and insights that will help you cope with your everyday


About the teacher


IRENA BARTOLEC is KPJAYI authorised Ashtanga yoga teacher with Masters degree in Kinesiology with more than 15 years of extensive working experience in the field of physical and mental wellbeing.

Irena has a vast knowledge of human kinetics, and teaches tailor- made yoga exercise programs. She is trained to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga, restorative and vinyasa yoga. Irena has organised numerous workshops and retreats around the world and has written features for women’s health magazine. As a teacher and practitioner, she is devoted to a life of learning and teaching. In 2004 she opened of one of the first yoga studios in Zagreb, Croatia where she was teaching and managing it successfully until she moved to Bali, Indonesia. Since 2014 she is teaching at Seminyak Yoga Shala on Bali.

Irena is a mom of 6 years old daughter Frida which has completely changed her life. Her daughter is her greatest teacher and has taught her many life lessons. The most important one for both of them is that being a happy woman means having a happy child too. After she gave birth to Frida, yoga gained new meaning; it changed and saved her life in so many ways. Irena’s goal is to share her experiences and her yogic knowledge in order to help other women to stay true to themselves and to live conscious and wholesome lives.

"My yoga journey started after first yoga class I've tried during early University days, immediately I fell in love with the practice. Few months after I packed my backpack and went to India with great desire to be a student of this beautiful tradition. I was fortunate to study with some of the living masters and being blessed with opportunity to teach what i love, live and what i practice in every day life. I believe that our life itself with all ups and downs is a spiritual path and yoga is one of the tools which can help us to be better version of ourselves, to practice compassion and loving kindness. Sometimes during challenging times of my life stepping on the mat and doing daily practice ( even if only for 10 minutes) was only thing that made sense in chaos, it made me more grateful for the yoga teachings and hopefully my journey of being yoga student and sharing experiences and teaching will continue as long as i live."